Introducing Our Short and Narrow Crossbow Collection


Embrace precision and power with our latest RAMPAGE Series of short and narrow crossbows. Designed for agility and ease of use, these high-performance bows offer exceptional accuracy and speed in a compact package. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a beginner looking to conquer the field, RAMPAGE will be your reliable companion. Explore the untamed wilderness and unleash your archery prowess with RAMPAGE.

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Innovating Archery Technology:

With Rampage, archery enters a new era of innovation. Our Rampage Series redefines industry standards through cutting-edge engineering and meticulous craftsmanship. Precision, power, and performance drive us to explore new materials and design concepts. The result? Unmatched accuracy, enhanced dynamics, and unparalleled shooting pleasure. Embrace the future of archery with Rampage.

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  • Quick Release Riser System

    Assembled and Dis-assembled Frontend in seconds

  • Gen III Trigger Mechanism

    Zero Crisp with Anti Dry Fire Design that sets standard of accuracy

  • Dampening System

    Deadly Quiet and Absorbs Vibration

  • Built In Stock Crank Mechanism

    Silent with retractable features, re-store crank ropes rapidly

  • Ergonomic Stock Design

    Lightweight and Well-Balanced

  • Self-Contained Cable Slide

    Glides on Barrel smoothly and quiet

  • Extreme Compact and Narrow Design

    Measured 31” in Length & Only 13” in Width



-Extreme Compact with Blazing Speed

-Precise Machined Alum Barrel

-Gen III Trigger Mechanism with True Anti Dry Fire System

-Heavy Duty Compressed Molded Limbs

-Available in Camo & Black patterns

-RTS Kit (Ready To Shoot)

-Foldable Large Size Foot Stirrup



-Narrow & Compact Frontend with ATA only 9” (cocked)

-One-pc Light Weight Composite Stock

-Gen I Trigger Mechanism with auto safety engagement and ADF

-Heavy Duty Compressed Molded Limbs

-RTS Kit (Ready To Shoot)


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