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What inspires you to have a compound bow? For hunting, for fun, or just want to spend more time in outdoors? No matter what inspires you, we encourage you to have one your own compound bow for every archer has their own unique needs. An unproper-bow may cause you feel frustrated in shooting and waste your money. Before you order and pay a bow online, there are some guidelines should be considered to find a proper bow for yourself.


Eye dominance

Many of beginners may choose the right-handed bow or left-handed bow according to their dominant hand. The fact is, determining your dominant eye should be the first step, then select the bow that matches your dominant eye. It’s possible to miss the object if you left the non-dominant eye when you shoot. With the dominant eye, it could help you shoot more accurate and keep you out of the frustration in the long run, even if you do not use your dominant hand.


You can find your dominant eye by the following steps:

  • Outstretch your arm and point an object with your index finger away
  • Alternately close one eye at one time, and notice which eye makes your index finger move to the side of the object, and which eye keep the finger pointing at the object
  • The eye keeps the finger pointing at the object is your dominant eye


Draw length

The draw length is the distance from the string to the deepest part of riser when you draw back the bowstring, and a proper length is fundamental for shooting correctly and accurately.


The pro archery shop can measure your draw length, however, it’s also easy to do at home. To measure you own length:

  • Stretch out your arms to each side, and make your body look like a “T”(Don’t over stretch your arms)
  • Measure the tip of one middle finger to the tip of the other
  • Take the number and divide it by 2.5. It is your ideal draw length


Draw weight

We recommend the beginner to start with a lower draw weight bow for having a correct shooting posture. The heavier draw weight will cause your arm shakiness and make you unable to focus the target.


To determine the proper draw weight, you have to match the weight to your strength. Take a test, choose a weight that you can draw comfortable, and hold the bow for 20 second at least or more. If you can do it, your arm (the side you hold the riser) should be able to keep the posture without shaking. You can do more shooting practice or do the weight training to build your draw weight up. When your strength allows to increase the weight, your speed will also be increase.


If you want to have your first compound bow, we have some may suit you.



Lady vulture is one of lightest compound bow on the market for it’s weight is only 3.7 lbs. It has two options of draw weight for 45 or 55 lbs to meet the most of archers’ demands.  Lady vulture is designed for the female user, but it’s also suit for the beginner for its low draw weight.

bow spec



K-9 is an entry level model for kids with draw weight 8 to 26 lbs adjustable. The one of features is it looks like an adult compound bow, but the weight is light and easy to carry when the kid uses it. We recommend it for ages 8 and above as it takes a little more effort to roll the cams over.

bow spec

(K-9 is available for right-handed user only.)