Rage Wood Classic





Extremely light weight and compact designed, the new Rage Series crossbows features

feather-lite adjustable stock and easy to install hybrid recurve limb with fast drop pin for

prompt string replacement. It comes outfitted with full tactical Pica Tinny rail, ambidextrous

auto-safety, and steady 3.5 LB HZ trigger.

Real Light Weight Wood Stock !!


  • Easy to Install Hybrid Recurve Limb System
  • Adjustable Rear Stock
  • Precision Scope Mount/ Trigger Assembly
  • Ambidextrous Auto-Safety
  • Lightweight High Performance Synthetic Rear Stock / Barrel
  • Integrated Full Barrel Picatinny Rail Accepts 100s of Aftermarket Accessories
  • Real Light Weight Wood Stock



  • Easy to install AR-style Pica Tiny Mount Forearm
  • SHELTER® Quick Dispatch Quiver Set with Universal Quiver Mounting System
  • 2PCS Supreme Seven Series Alum Arrows with nocks and field points
  • 4X32 Multi Range Wire-Reticle Scope
  • TALON® Rope Cocker with Extra Wide Comfort Handle



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